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The College of Engineering and Computer Science is an academic college of Florida Atlantic University located in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. The college's mission is " to educate those who will contribute to the advancement of technical knowledge and who will be the leaders of tomorrow, conducts basic and applied research in engineering, computer science, and related interdisciplinary areas, and provide service to the engineering and computer science professions, to the State of Florida, to the nation, and to the community at large.

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FES supports engineering education, advocates licensure, promotes the ethical and competent practice of engineering, and enhances the image and well-being of all engineers in the state of Florida; and furthers the public’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of the profession.

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The Team

Joshua Simmons

Club President
BS Ocean Engineering '18

Josh focused on vision code for the secondary vehicle and enjoys fishing in his spare time.

Will Wiard

Club Vice-President
BS Ocean Engineering 18'

Will focused on mechanical fabrication and enjoys scuba diving on his days off.

Andrew Barbosa

BS Computer Engineering

Andrew focused on the design of the secondary vehicle. In his spare time, he enjoys reading.

Luke Ridley

BS Ocean Engineering '18

Luke's focus is on vision systems and enjoys fishing when he has free time.

Wesley Watkins

Media Chair
Computer Enginering '17

Wesley focused on building the team website. He enjoys his exercise routines and Rugby.

Jose Betancourt

Team Member
BS Ocean Engineering '17

Jose designed our path planning system in his spare time he enjoys studying naval architecture.

Ivan Bertaska

Team Member
PhD Ocean Engineering

Alec Calhoun

Team Member
MS Electrical Engineering '17

Alec focused on electrical design. He likes maintaining his truck which has 400,000 miles.

Harold Davis

Team Member
BS Computer Engineering '16

Harold developed the new acoustic system and enjoys playing video games in his spare time.

Adam Hall

Team Member
BS Ocean Engineering '17

Adam focused on renovations of the boat hulls. He enjoys repairing surf boards at work.

Justin Koenig

Team Member
BS Mechanical Engineering '16

Justin developed the Launch and Recovery system and is a 3D printing enthusiast.

Bianca Mesa

Team Member
BS Ocean Engineering '17

Bianca focused on mechanical task completion and enjoys baking desserts in her free time.

Travis Moscicki

Team Member
BS Ocean Engineering '17

Travis focuses on the LIDAR and vision systems and, when weather permits, he enjoys surfing.

Christina Tsai

Team Member
BS Ocean Engineering '17

Christina focused on designing the ground station and enjoys trying out new foods.

Jared Wampler

Team Member
PhD Ocean Engineering '17

Jared focused on electrical and mechanical design and enjoys boating in his free time.

Cullen Williams

Team Member
BS Ocean Engineering '17

Cullen designed the communication systems. He enjoys learning new skills from YouTube.



Owl Eye utilizes a Hokuyo UTM-30LX LiDAR, Logitech c210 webcam, and an RX-24 Dynamixel servo to perform all our optic needs. The housing is built with a mixture of 3-D printed PLA and water-jetted aluminum, allowing the weight of the structure to remain as low while still maintaining structural integrity.

The Pellet

New this year is "The Pellet." The Pellet features an Arduino Nano, HMC5883L compass, 3 thrusters, and a camera to navigate underwater and take photos. With 2 thrusters being paired to provide differential thrust, The Pellet can navigate based on any heading given by Owltonomous in the field.


This year we are featuring a completely redesigned acoustics system. The biggest change is the move from a 10-pound secondary box to a single board the size of a credit card! The FAU Ultra-Short Baseline SONAR system is a split-beam array which provides an azimuthal and vertical bearing to the source, respectively.


Utilizing a custom designed motherboard, our electronics box implements a dual layer architecture using the TS-7800 for low level control and the Jetson TK1 for high level control. We also feature a redundant communications system utilizing both Wi-Fi and RF.


V-BASS is driven by two Seabotix outboard thrusters, each connected to its respective hull with FAU designed and fabricated mounts. These motors are also high powered, spinning at an astonishing 6,000 rpms, supplying VBASS with reliability and power

Did any of these technologies catch your eye? Want to learn more? Click here to check out our Technical Paper to get in-depth descriptions of all these technologies and more!


Our Mission

The Marine Robotics Club Volunteering initiative is driven by the need to promote robotics in a liquid environment and to educate young students about the engineering process. Many of our members are eager to guide middle and high school level students with knowledge gained from current and past projects. Since the Club’s initiation, we have successfully guided three school robotics programs and led teams to the regional and national Seaperch competitions. This year, we will continue our volunteering efforts to include a MATE competition team.

Seminar Series

Our biweekly Seminar Series aims to serve as an introduction to topics that cover all aspects of engineering. We also collaborate and feature other engineering based student organizations to broaden our subject range. Seminars are open to any student and are made available online via YouTube so that anyone may view them afterwards.


Our club teams up with FAU's Human Powered Submarine Club to host local Seaperch tournaments that allow many schools, who ordinarily could not afford to bring a team to competition, to give students the opportunity to show off their skills. This year our tournament was a National Qualifier with over 30 teams attending!

High School Mentorship

A.D Henderson - Ramblewood - Forrest Glen

We send our members out into our local community to aid students through the process of designing, manufacturing, and implementing of seaperch kits, MATE projects, and other projects teachers come up with from their scools.


OpenCV Setup Guide

OpenCV Visual Studio Tour

OpenCV Primer

Introduction to SolidWorks

How to Make a Website

ROS: The Robot Operating System

Arduino Seminar

Introduction to Ubuntu: Part 1

Introduction to Ubuntu: Part 2

Introduction to Ubuntu: Part 3

Matlab Seminar: Beginner

Matlab Seminar: Intermediate

3D Printing Part 1

3D Printing Part 2

3D Printing Part 3

3D Printing Part 4

Coding With QT

Intro to Control Systems
Presented by: Dr. Ivan Bertaska

Applications of Controls: PID in C++ Part 1

Applications of Controls: PID in C++ Part 2

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